Saber J

 "Change: Requires us to come up to a higher level of existence...."

Customer Testimonials

"This is a great little spiritual tool. It really gave me an understanding of how i can control my life with Jesus at the wheel. Ill be carrying my paperback with me everywhere along with my bible."

Joylene B. - Thornton, Colorado


"This book is inspiring on how we already know our problems, we just need to look within ourselves to find the answer. There is no problem that god put in front of us for we cannot overcome. It is he who can help us find our true selves, and it is he who can show us the way out of darkness. We however just need to put our trust towards him."

- Dakota R. , (15yrs), Leadville, Colorado

"First off I'd like to say, Saber J has an amazing talent to write, and be able so touch so many lives with her journey through life, and her faith. This book has opened my eyes and has helped me realize, we have the ability to over come everything! We serve a big, amazing, loving and forgiving, and let's not forget merciful GOD! Thank you for just really opening my eyes to my journey, and life its self. So much love going your way. God has shinned and has been Glorified!"

                                                                                - Cassie J. , Walsenburg