Saber J

 "Change: Requires us to come up to a higher level of existence...."

At Saber J, we are focused on providing understanding truth as it is written and how to live the scriptures on a daily basis. Whether it's a good day or bad day, we will walk with you. With a variety of understandings to choose from. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Even if you have a question about a scripture, don't be afraid to ask. We will find the answer together. Check back later for new updates to our website

Saber J is fluent in American Sign- language, Ordained Minister, and a Certified Peer Specialist (Counselor). She Spends time at her local church preaching Sunday school, working the treasury, and Events Coordinator. She is a mother of 5 children and has gone through more than the average human. About her children she says, "Being a mom of 5 children I think that ADHD is a requirement. Not an option." With a sense of humor she lives everyday life to the best of her ability and is always willing to share the scripture, pray, and will always find the "cause" of how things work instead of "labeling" any issue. She is a joy to be around!